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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Buy YouTube Views from Starpromo.com?

With Starpromo.com you’re going to get 100% real people behind each of the views or anything else that you pay for. So, if you get views, likes, subscribers, shares, comments or anything else you can feel confident that you’re getting a real person behind each and every one of those activities. When you pay for a service we make sure there’s no bot taking care of the action. Bots are absolutely not going to be a good idea for your content because they’re just not going to stick around and you could find yourself in a whole lot of trouble with YouTube.

Why Don’t You Use Bots for Services?

Bots are a cheaper alternative when you’re looking to get more views, likes, subscribers or anything else. That’s why they’ve been so popular, for so long. But they also cause problems. That’s because social media services are starting to crack down on those bots and they’re starting to eliminate them from their services. So, if you have a bot that likes your video and YouTube finds it they’re going to remove that like. We don’t use bots because we want to make sure everything you pay for stands up to the scrutiny you’d get from YouTube.

What Services Do You Have Available?

We can take care of any kind of activity that you want on your YouTube channel. That means you can buy likes, views, comments, subscribers and shares. We know that the services you want are going to be different from other people because your YouTube channel and what you have to offer are entirely different. That’s why we make sure we have such a wide range of different services available. We want to make sure that you can get everything you need and you can continue to carry out your business in the way that you want most.

What Kind of Packages Do You Have for Different Services?

We actually offer fully custom packages at Starpromo.com. That means you get to decide which services you want and which ones you don’t. You also get to decide on the quantity that you want because we have packages that are higher in quantity and packages that are lower. After all, you may want to just get your feet wet with your content or you may be looking to really jumpstart your success and interest. Just let us know what you’re really looking for and just how far you’re planning to go in a short amount of time. Just make sure you’re looking into each of the services and then creating the right combination.

Why Should I Buy Services for My YouTube?

Buying services makes it a whole lot easier for you to get the attention you’re looking for. Very few people actually want to be the first to like, comment, share or subscribe to your content. When you buy these services you’re going to set yourself up a whole lot better. You’re taking care of those first activities so that no one is overwhelmed with whether they want to be the first or not. It’s going to help you get more people to pay attention to what you have to offer.

What Services Should I Get?

There are actually a number of different services available and the ones that you should get are going to depend entirely on you. Some channels will do well if they just get a few more subscribers. Some are going to need a little more than that. You might need more likes, more comments to boost interaction or more shares to get the attention you’re looking for. The key is to make sure that you’re looking at different services and what will work best for your needs.

What Quantity of YouTube Services Can I Get?

You can actually get just about any quantity that you want for your YouTube services. That means, if you’re looking for 100 of any service then you’re going to have that option. If you want to get several thousand you can choose that as well. Even better, we can give you a customized plan based on anything that you need. So, if you don’t see a plan that works for you then you can work with our team to create the right plan.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

There are a number of different types of services available and the costs are associated with just what you’re looking for. We’ll help you set up a plan that fits the needs that you have as well as the budget that you have available. After all, we know that you may have a different budget available than other owners. So, how are you going to make sure that you get the right balance between services and cost? You’re going to want to work with us to create the right setup.

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